Is The iPhone Getting Boring? Hear Our Take On The Latest CultCast



By now you’ve probably heard: a shiny new iPhone is right around the corner. But some in the tech world have been asking if Apple’s new trinket will only be playing catchup to more advanced, and more feature-rich, Android phones. We think that’s crap, and on our latest CultCast, we’ll tell you why.

Then — Apple’s embarrassing new Olympic Mac ads have just been pulled; we’ll tell you why we thought the ads needed to go, and so will our special guest, former Apple ad guy and longtime Steve Jobs’ collaborator, Ken Segall.

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  • ddevito

    It is getting boring. But that’s because Apple was so far ahead so quickly.

  • wompwomp

    Guys, in all reality people expect the design to look and be cool. Apple is all about design. They trained us to appreciate it, therefore if the design is the same as the 4 and 4s people will definitely be disappointed. It’s time for a big change or it’s gonna look and maybe feel a little antiquated. It also seems that iOS 6 will not be so impressive either from everything we’ve heard. I’m an Apple fan, but ever since the 4s and Mountain Lion I’ve been rethinking purchasing an iPhone or upgrading anymore. Not compelling enough. I still have my desktops (SE to iMac mini and iMac 2010) , Powerbooks to macbook air and all my iPhones, iPods in all kind of flavors, but I’m feeling like I’m done with the iPhone. Looking elsewhere and Android (which I’ve had before and is getting better and better) is starting to look good again. Just my personal opinion. Thanks and have a nice day.