All These Incredible Olympic Photos Were Taken With An iPhone 4S [Gallery]


Women's 200m backstroke semi-final 2, SW012

If you’re a professional photographer going to the London to cover the Olympics, you’d probably want to take a huge DSLR and a couple thousand dollars worth of extra lenses to get the best pictures possible, right? Wrong.

Dan Chung is covering the Olympics for The Guardian, only instead of using his fancy pants DSLR, Chung is capturing the entire event using only his iPhone 4S and some binoculars. He edits the photos using Snapseed before uploading them to the web, and the results are pretty impressive. Take a look for yourself.


And here are a few of Dan getting his iPhone setup with a remote trigger.

Source: The Guardian






  • Krazykrzysztof

    These pics make my motorola atrix cry.

  • lockelinus

    pardon my ignorance, but what is the app he’s using to capture the images? I can see the interface in the last picture. That’s an essential part of his setup, the built in IOS Camera app is terrible, there’s no way he could capture those images with it and just run them through SnapSeed

  • hanhothi

    Yes, the photograph is in the imagination of the photographer. These are great pictures, but he is using a very full set of pro cameras as well, not just the iPhone. Great stuff!