Partly Cloudy Might Be The Beautiful iOS Weather App You’ve Been Waiting For



Minimalist weather apps must be the current hot trend among developers right now because we’ve seen a slew of pretty new iOS weather apps hit the App Store recently. If the last three weather apps we covered haven’t quite done it for you, maybe Partly Cloudy will.

Partly Cloudy is different from most weather apps in that it displays all the information you would need to know for a single day in one unique and compelling infographic. Modeled on a traditional clock face, Partly Cloudy’s infographic presents weather data in a fun new way that’s also very useful.

The app was designed by Raureif for iOS. From the main interface you can view temperature, wind force, precipitation, weather situation, etc and see how they are predicted to fluctuate throughout the day. Users can drag the clock’s hand to a point in time and be presented with a rich amount of data. It’s a really neat app that maintains minimalist design without compromising on the amount of data display.

Here’s how to read the clock face and the data presented:

Partly Cloudy is available in the App Store for $0.99.

  • matthewmspaceyoutube

    Have you seen the Solar app yet? It’s even cooler!

  • mr_bee

    That’s an extremely cluttered and confusing interface. It’s not even explained very well on the iTunes page. That, the fact that I’m not a fan of beige anything, and the ugly black icon means it’s all a non-starter for me.

    Lets’ face it, the weather is really impossible to predict with any real accuracy and always has been. You don’t really need all this detail and analysis when the data is suspect to begin with 60-80% of the time. I’d be more interested in a weather app with large animated graphics than this sort of “mock” detail that takes ten minutes of surveying the UI to figure out what it says.

  • Garym

    I like it… has a nice “steampunk” vibe to it that befits the primitive nature of weather forecasting. Looks like something Edward Tufte (sp?) would enjoy.

    Would be even better if the app icon could have one of those “bubbles” like “Weather Live” that displays the current temperature just looking at the icon. Maybe even change colors to indicate when precipitation is likely?

  • extra_medium

    Can we please stop using the words “minimal” or “minimalist” to describe stuff we think looks kinda cool? There is absolutely nothing minimal about this, or most other apps that get described that way.

  • assyrianpride

    epic fail. its ugly as hell, hard to interpret, and gives u information u dont need to or care to know unless ur a weatherman.