Crazy Kart 2 for iPhone Looks Like Phenomenal Mario Kart Rip-Off


Int13, a prominent mobile games developer, has released a video showing its racing game, “Crazy Kart 2,” running on the iPhone. I hadn’t seen the title before, but I’m pretty impressed by the demo. Nice environments and graphics, wacky gameplay highly reminiscent of “Mario Kart,” but, you know, touch-controlled steering wheel! I can’t wait to see the state of the iPhone gaming platform a year from today…

Via iPhoneAlley

6 responses to “Crazy Kart 2 for iPhone Looks Like Phenomenal Mario Kart Rip-Off”

  1. bjornolsson says:

    Looks absolutely amazing!

  2. Andrew DK says:

    I’ve been predicting Apple becoming a major force in gaming for years now but actually seeing the kinds of games that will be available soon really blows me away.

  3. Brandon Kelly says:

    After reading Macworld’s review of the iPod game “Pole Position Remix” (…, I’m not no sure the touch-controlled steering wheel is going to work out too well.

    I think accelerometer-controlled steering would probably be easier and much more fun.