Wooden SigniCASE iPhone 4/4S Case [Deals]



Your iPhone case says a lot about you. Functional? Funky? Retro? Modern? Wooden. Yeah, I said wooden. There is something classic and soothing about something made from wood. Why not an iPhone case?

These beautiful, laser-etched iPhone cases fit the iPhone 4/4S snuggly, don’t add a lot of extra weight, and protect your iPhone and look cool. Pick one of six designs made from bamboo, sapele, or walnut and you can have something that I’m pretty sure other folks haven’t seen too often.

And that says a lot too.

This deal is only for the Continental U.S.

Few more details about these cases:

  • Universal design for iPhone 4/4S! (WHITE & BLACK)
  • Realistic 3D laser engraved pattern on the wood case
  • 100% Handcrafted by Natural Eco-Friendly Material
  • Awesome Surface Texture
  • Protective Felt on the Back
  • Ultra Slim & Lightweight! 22g Only

The cases are usually $60, but we have them for you for just $35. Now, if you’re thinking “oh I have a cool iPhone case…” sure, true, but I think that iPhone cases have become a little like watches. You have one to wear everyday, but you also have a few that you just wear now and then for a special statement.

Why can’t you have an extra iPhone case that stands out and looks cool when you want to make a statement? One of the retro-camera cases would look very cool on a iPhone photowalk!

Reminder: this offer is only good when shipped to the Continental U.S.

Wooden SigniCASE iPhone 4/4S Case

  • Rob Gilgan

    Gotta be the ugliest wood iPhone cases yet – the irony is that there is an Alexcious ad running with the story, much nicer.