Apple In Talks to Buy ‘The Fancy’ E-Commerce Site [Report]



Apple is talking to the people behind social e-commerce site The Fancy, according to a report by Business Insider.

The Fancy is viewed by some as a rival to Pinterest, albeit a much smaller one. However, if Apple buys and promotes it among the gazillions of people who have their credit cards on file with Apple’s iTunes Store, the site could become a major hit overnight.

Business Insider also reported in July that in mid-June, Apple CEO Tim Cook had created an account on The Fancy and “fancied” seven items. Here’s Cook’s account.

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3 responses to “Apple In Talks to Buy ‘The Fancy’ E-Commerce Site [Report]”

  1. WilliamCharlesIII says:

    About and Hour and a half, Tim Cook’s Fancy page has been set to “Private”

  2. technochick says:

    Despite the URL, the sites actually just called Fancy, not The Fancy

    Would expect a tech blogger to know that

  3. thehighesttimes says:

    I’ve been using the site for about two years now and I think it’s awesome. It’s not just all Tumblr-y with pictures of nice shit. I guess if Apple do go in and buy it at least it’ll most likely have a better iOS app, cause the one available at the moment sucks.
    It does seem a bit strange to me that Apple is in talks to buy THIS though.

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