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Apple Confronts Samsung In Court About Internal Documents With Incriminating Titles



Apple went after Samsung today in the most direct and perhaps damaging interchange, yet, using Samsung’s own internal documents to prove Apple’s claim that Samsung’s practices go beyond mere competition and are truly copyright infringement.

Apple called Justin Denison, Samsung’s chief strategy officer, to the stand today. Attorney for Apple Bill Lee, after some preliminary questioning, went right for the jugular, directly calling out Samsung, and asking Denison point blank if Samsung had copied Apple products. Denison denied the claim, and then Lee pulled out a set of internal documents from Samsung. Some of the titles of these reports were pretty incriminating.

“Beat Apple response”
“Lessons from Apple”
“Why you should care about Apple”
“Recent Apple analysis project”
“iPhone 5 counter strategy”

If that wasn’t enough, Lee then pulled out a document called “Relative evaluation report on S1, iPhone,” a document dated March 2, 2010, just before the first Galaxy S phone was released. The document apparently includes side-by-side photos of the iPhone’s interface next to the one for the device. The document even points out areas on the iPhone that Samsung was planning on improving, like changing the on-screen icons.

Denison apparently got to strike back a bit during cross examination, bringing up the fact that many smartphones have rounded corners and are rectangular in shape, a reference to the similarity of external design on most modern smartphones, and a point of contention in the Apple case. It’s as if he was trying to say that the similarities between the Galaxy S and the iPhone are only there as a matter of practicality. “If you drop it, it’s much more likely not to crack if it’s rounded,” he said.

The case continues on Monday with more testimony from Apple’s list of witnesses and experts.

Source: CNET
Via: Apple Insider