iShower, The Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


An iShower. Taking a shower.


If the iShower didn’t look like something you’d find next to you if you were laying in a hospital bed, it might just be the perfect summer speaker. As the name suggests, it’s a waterproof speaker whose Bluetooth connection keeps your iPhone safely away from anything wet.

The iShower also understands that once you have tucked your iPhone/iPad/iPod safely away from splashes, you don’t want to go back to it. Thus, all Bluetooth remote controls are supported: volume up/down, play/pause and track skipping. It also has a clock display, and it’s A-board-style design means that you can even stand it up on a sandy beach.

Problems? Maybe the price – it’s a little low. At $99, I wonder if this speaker will be as good as the Jamboxes and Bravens of this world. Then again, as I’d never take either of those speakers to the pool or beach, a comparison would be impossible.

The iShower is available now, for your summer listening pleasure.

Source: iShower

Thanks: Karen!


  • JustinBiebe1512

    all words that have “i” letter automatically interesting for you?
    ugly device, totally not in Apple-style

  • Srose428

    Is it running BT 4.0 and what are the specs of the speaker? Cant find these answers anywhere…

  • Christopher Martone

    I have a Hipe Waterproof Bluetooth Stereo Shower Speaker at home that works just as well as this seems to; plus, it is cheaper. To my wife, it is the best Christmas present I ever gave her. I only regret is that I got the black one instead of the white.