Angry Birds Update Brings Tons Of New In-App Purchases


IAPs come to Angry Birds.



Rovio has updated the original and still the best of the Angry Birds games with 15 new levels, and four new power-ups. It seems like everyone who wants this game has already bought it, so in order to keep milking the franchise for money on these free updates, Rovio has decided to go down the dirty path of in-app purchases.

The power ups are designed to let you get three stars on harder levels (or just to buy your way through the whole game if you are a new customer). Here’s the lowdown from Graham Spencer:

  • King Sling upgrades your slingshot for “maximum power and velocity”
  • Birdquake will bring the pigs’ defenses “crashing to the ground”
  • Super Seeds will turn your bird into a “pig-popping giant”
  • Sling Scope lets you use laser targetting for “pinpoint precision”

The update includes 20 credits to use these power-ups, and you can buy more (of course). $2 buys you five uses of any of the power-ups, $1 will get you ten of a single power up and $21 will buy you 125 power-ups. Ouch. For those of us with a little patience, you’ll get one free power-up per day.

I’m stoked to try the new levels and new weapons, but I have a feeling that they’re going to destroy the balance of the game, which was one of the things that made Angry Birds so great.

Source: iTunes

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  • technochick

    So long as you don’t have to buy them to play, I’m okay with it.

    But what I really want to see is for this companies to stop making five games when each one is really just level packs of the same thing. I would love to see a way for Rovio etc to combine all the games and we have credit from buying them originally. Especially if there was a way for scores to come over as well. Sure it means Angry Birds would only be on the lists once but it’s not like this game (& cut the rope etc) really need the hype at this point

  • hanhothi

    The IAP for Angry Birds Space is the reason I have NOT purchased it!