Old-Style Newspaperman Flash Gun For iPhone [Kickstarter]




It’s hard to overstate my love of the Paparazzo light, despite the fact that I have never touched or even seen one outside of the photos on its Kickstarter page. Maybe it's the idea I like so much: it's an old-style flashgun which pumps out a ridiculous 300 lumens of subject-petrifying light whilst making you look like and old-school newspaperman.

The styling is 100% retro, but the LED tech, the lithium CR123 batteries (x2) and the iPhone 30-pin dock connector integration are all modern-day.

Unlike most camera flashes, the Paparazzo Light will cost just $49. It also comes with modes for stills and video, and you can dial the intensity from 0 to 100%. It even has a tripod socket.

How does the iPhone trigger the lamp? The light talks to a companion app through the dock connector, although I guess that you could use any app if the light is in continuous video mode.

The project launched yesterday, so you’ll have a while to wait if you sign up. On the other hand, the makers are prepared to switch up the design when the next iPhone ships, so you don’t need to worry about obsolescence – unless the new iPhone has a built-in flashgun, I guess.

Source: Paparazzo Light

Via: PetaPixel


  • joewaylo

    My concern is the stability of the weight. You’re adding 20 pounds to the iPhone’s one side making it hard to hold steady. Other than that it would be cool as long as the actor doesn’t come to break it for thinking you’re a paparazzi scumbag.

  • mr_bee

    … You’re adding 20 pounds to the iPhone’s one side making it hard to hold steady….

    No way that thing is 20 pounds. Ridiculous. It looks like it’s made of lightweight plastic and would be a featherweight actually.

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    Cool idea. Would be better if it used a collapsible design so that you could carry it in a pocket, bag or purse.

  • picky

    It is bright enough to project, far out. But is there a market for this?

  • joewaylo

    @mr_bee: Add two CR123 cell batteries (4 pounds) the wires and plastic rod (2-3 pounds figure) and the flashbulb dome (1 pound figure). Maybe 8 pounds.

  • MikeRc51

    I think this is a horrible Idea…I thought the point of technology was to make life more practical not less practical. This and all the other idea’s where you attach these big bulky items to your iphone to make the camera better are in my opinion pointless. The iphone camera is meant for quick shots and to have a camera for those day to day things that happen and you want to take a quick picture, it’s not meant for photography. If you want a camera for photography then go out and buy a real digital camera. This is oldschool flash idea is probably one of the worst idea’s yet, why would anyone want to put that bulky thing on there iphone?…So that they can have a flash that looks like the ones from camera’s in the 1940s, if thats the case go out and buy an old camera…

  • Joshua Hernandez

    Hipsters unite!