MacFlux: WYSIWYG HTML Made Easy [Deals]



Sometimes you need to create an “old-school” webpage. And by “old-school” I mean a static, html-based page that can run anywhere. Not a WordPress template or other CMS template, an honest to goodness html page. I’ve been hit with this need myself. Sometimes it’s needing a semi-complex table to go into a post. Maybe I need a quick and dirty landing page for a site-in-progess. The thing is that while I learned html back in the day (pre–1995 thank you very much), I don’t like to code by hand. Heck, few of us really like to code by hand.

This is when you need to turn to a decent (and I stress decent) WYSIWYG html editor. Have one handy? Maybe not. How about checking out MacFlux?

There are two important parts of a good WYSIWYG editor: simplicity and clean code. You need to be able to lay out a page and getting looking how you want without a steep learning curve. You also need to know that the underlying code, isn’t sheer and utter crap. You don’t want bloated code full of tables, invisible images, and DIVs. Look, that’s how we coded in the days before CSS, you don’t want to do that now.

MacFlux gives you the balance of power and ease-of-use. The ability to code by hand when you need to (sometimes it is faster to code by hand, believe it or not), templates to help get you going, and the site management features that won’t make you pull your hair out.

And with the deal at $39 (61% off), it’s really a price that can’t be beat. Considering the free alternatives will make you pull your hair out (been there, done that) and Dreamweaver costs a small fortune. How about save yourself the hassle and money and get something that will just get the job done?


  • Teo Maragakis

    Professionals prefer coding by hand. It’s much easier to handle the HTML this way.

  • JamesMcDaniel

    How many computers can you install MacFlux onto using this license?

  • JustinBiebe1512

    this screenshot looks scary!
    best html Mac editor is Coda.


    You get what you pay for. Try Freeway instead:

    (I’ve been a Freeway addict since 1999.)

  • tcbunt

    Hand coding is the difference between a site looking like everyone else’s and one that looks professional. If people could actually hand code they would never use WordPress for there websites.

  • dvincent

    Don’t buy this or anything from this company (Macware), you will never get any support or update.
    They just cheat people with old version, and you can’t get any support.
    We have profs about what we are saying, it’s bad and sad that some company dos work like this.
    Just find the original author, there you will get update and support.