Gmail for iOS 1.3 Gets Faster Scrolling, Animations & Attachment Saving



Google’s official Gmail app has had a sordid history. It launched so broken it had to be pulled from the App Store, and when it relaunched, it came without push notifications… a pretty big oversight in an iOS email client. Gmail finally got push notifications, but the app overall still felt a little clunky.

Enter version 1.3. Google says the latest update to their official Gmail app for iOS makes a bunch of under the hood changes to improve animation, scrolling and responsiveness.

Google describes the update:

You’ll notice that many events in the app are just a little bit faster and smoother. Buttons respond to presses a little more quickly, scrolling is smoother and new views transition faster. With this update, we tried to make it a little better with every touch.

We’ve also added one popularly requested feature – when viewing a picture attachment, you can now use a long press (touch and hold) to save it to your photo library.

You can download Gmail for iOS version 1.3 on the iOS App Store.

Source: iTunes