FreedomPop’s New Case Brings 4G Data To The iPod Touch



Back in May we told you about FreedomPop’s 4G sled for the iPhone that came with 500MB of free data, and today a similar add-on has been announced for the iPod touch. FreedomPop’s $99 sled brings 3G/4G data to the third and fourth generation iPod touch, effectively turning the device into an iPhone without the phone.

The iPod touch add-on is identical to the iPhone model, the only difference is that the iPod touch version draws power from the device itself while the other relies on its own battery.

“It’s basically a no-brainer,” said FreedomPop COO Steven Sesar. “We had been pursuing and in development on the iPhone sleeve for some number of months. We literally had just thousands of inquiries of, ‘Well, what about the iPod Touch?’”

An iPod touch with FreedomPop’s sled will have access to 4G data speeds in the U.S. on Clearwire’s WiMax network. 500MB of free data is included when you buy, and there’s a 10MB bonus that will be added for every friend you get to join FreedomPop. Actual data plans have not been announced yet, but FreedomPop promises that they will be competitively priced, prepaid packages that you can cancel at any time.

Preorders for the iPod touch add-on start today, and the iPhone sled is still available for pre-order as well. Expect both products to ship in the next couple of months.

Source: FreedomPop

Via: AllThingsD

  • Steven McMahon

    I ordered the one for the iPhone. I’m wondering whether I’ll be able to use it with an iPod Touch. I’m seriously considering dropping my ATT service and going with just this.

  • AndrewMclave

    this add is so dumb only americans can be taking it seriously! If the data costs money, prepaid or otherwise, then its not free! you pay for the hardware, and then you pay for the data! Thats about as far from free as paying money for something gets! A bit cheaper should be what the youtube add says, twenty times in a row! Like, “Hey! (with jingly apple like add music in the backround) weve got a new gizmo thats a bit cheaper then the phone companies gizmos are! Also, weve got a gizmo that makes one apple gizmo work like another one, and its a bit cheaper too! Also, when you factor in the price of our gizmo versus the overall savings they make! Theres really not much of a difference in the long run! Whoopee!