Inpaint & iResizer Image Editing Combo [Deal Ending]



Update: This deal is wrapping up and so is the Retina MacBook Pro Giveaway!

Following up on the suggestion to pick up HydraPro before you head off on holidays, here are another couple apps you should toss into your (virtual) kit—Inpaint and iResizer. Why? Because these two apps combined solve one of the most common issues with photos—getting rid of stuff you don’t want in your pictures.

Inpaint helps you remove objects, people, date stamps, or flaws in your pictures. iResizer let’s you take out one element in a picture, remove it, and move the other parts of the image around like it wasn’t ever there. Sweet, eh? More after the jump.

Right, so these two apps usually run $20 each, but our deal is $20 for both. You can look at it as buy-one-get-one-free or 50% off. Doesn’t really matter. Anyway, what’s the cool factor here?

Pretty much this: you can fix your “almost perfect” photos quickly and easily. For example you take a great picture of some landmark, but there are tourists everywhere! No problem:

(Inpaint example)

How about you have a group shot of people for your company, but then “Bob” has to be let under, ahem, delicate circumstances? Well…

(iResizer example)

Not too shabby. Grab them while you can—Inpaint and iResizer combo pack.