iOS Facebook App Gets New ‘Read Later’ Functionality



Facebook has just introduced a new feature for their official Facebook for iPhone and iPad app that gives users Instapaper-like abilities to save posts shared on Facebook to read later. Now you too can collect your friends’ most embarrassing social network blunders in a favorites folder for posterity! Oh, and links you want to read later too, of course.

The feature — which is available on both and Facebook’s mobile apps — hasn’t rolled out to us yet, but according to others, it works like this: just by pressing and holding on any Facebook post, you can save it to a folder to read again later. On Facebook’s full site, you simplt click “Save” in the post’s dropdown menu. Saved items show up in a new “Saved” tab under “Favorites” in your sidebar.

Like many of Facebook’s feature updates, you don’t need to update your Facebook app: everything’s done on servers behind the scenes.

Anyone think they’re going to use this feature? I’m not really sure I need yet another inbox of “read later” links in my life. I haven’t even got through my Instapaper queue.

Via: AppAdvice