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Leather Camera Cases Protect And Prettify




One of the best gifts I ever bought for my camera was a hand-made leather ever-ready case. These two-part cases not only look better the older they get, but they offer a whole lot of protection. I have dropped my Panasonic GF1 more times than I will ever admit to you, and it doesn’t even have a dent or scratch. Well, not from dropping it anyway.

But my handsome case looks like a piece of junk next to these gorgeous half-cases from Korea’s Gariz. You can pick up models to fit most high-end compacts and mirrorless cameras, but today we’ll take a look at a new addition for the Sony RX100.

The case covers the bottom half of the camera, like a pair of long lederhosen on a shirtless German. It screws into the tripod socket with a captive catch, and provides its own socket in a better place: in line with the lens itself. The stitched leather cover also had a finger-grip on the right (as you hold it to your eye) for, well, better grip.

The price is a reasonable KRW 76,000, or around $68, which is a steal if you consider that it has a solid metal plate for a base.

My full-coverage two-part case does have one advantage, though: it makes my camera look like a film camera, and therefore nobody wants to steal it, even in the dodgiest neighborhoods.

Source: Gariz

Via: Digital Photography Review