New York Hong Kong iPad Cases: Forget The Posing — These Are Some Seriously Slim Cases


The Folio Shell may be my next iPad case


The search for the perfect iPad case is never ending, but that won’t stop me trying. And as you get further along in your quest, the differences between cases becomes smaller and smaller. At first glance, these two slimline cases from Lioncase look like any other slimline folios and Smart Covers, but close up they look much more compelling.

The first of them is the NYHK Shield, named for the pattern on the cases which takes design cues from the street maps of New York and Hong Kong (lord knows why). It’s a Smart Cover with a rear protective cover, it weighs just 170 grams, and it is thin. Very thin: 3.5mm on the screen side and 0.9mm for the rear shell.

But the case that caught my eye is the NYHK Folio Shield, one of those clever cases which splits away from the rear of the iPad half way along allowing it to hinge out and form a stand without adding in any extra material. This one is equally thin, and comes in at just 200 grams, or around seven ounces.

It also comes in hot pink, should you so choose.

And unlike many ultraslim cases, these come with the full complement of holes and magnets to work with the iPads 2 and 3. And even the price is good. At just $43, they’re barely more than Apple’s own Smart Cover. Available now.

Source: Lioncase

Thanks: Christy!

  • NapMan

    Please get one of these and let us know how you like it. They look pretty slick.

  • Jonathan Alexander Llamas

    They look really good!!!
    Would like a review soon!

  • Jonathan Alexander Llamas

    They look really good!!!
    Would like a review soon!

  • AppleBunHK

    sleek stuff, must go shopping tomorrow :)