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Optrix Rugged Sports Case Adds Wide-Angle Lens To iPhone


Tough and very versatile -- the Optrix HD



Optrix’s XD camera case for the iPhone looks like just another ruggedized box, but it distinguishes itself with a low price ($100), a whole bagful of included accessories, and one unique feature.

The heart of the system, designed to be used for sporting and other outdoor endeavors, is a rubber case (for shock protection) which can be used alone or slid inside the clear plastic shell. This shell offers yet more protection, keeps out most water splashes, and contains the wideangle lens which will let you capture video and stills without worrying too much about framing.

This last is useful when you use the included mounting devices. There are curved and flat base mounts which clamp to handlebars and other protrusions, and a quick-release bracket for, uh, quickly releasing the case. You also get some zip-ties in the pack for non-standard mounts – a nice touch.

But the biggest news is the price. When an iPhone lens adapter can come in at close to $100, this kit is a bargain. Available now.

Source: Optrix XD

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