Keep Apps From Being Installed Or Deleted On Your iPhone or iPad [iOS Tips]


How much money do I owe iTunes? Who bought Pretty Pet Palace 3?!
How much money do I owe iTunes? Who bought Pretty Pet Palace 3?!

This one’s for the ladies parents out there. You know how you hand your iPhone off to your kid when you’re all waiting for the doctor? Or slide your iPad to the backseat for those long drives to Aunt Josephina’s house? If your kid is App Store savvy – and what kid isn’t, these days – they can rack up quite a bill installing apps that look cute to them but cost you real money. They can even wreak havoc with the simple tap-hold-wiggle dance, deleting your precious apps from your iOS device faster than you can say, “Do I need to turn this car around right now?!”

Luckily, there’s a simple, built-in way to prevent this from happening. Here’s what to do.

Head into the Settings app with a tap, then go to the General tab. Look or scroll down to Restrictions, and tap that. You’ll see a list of Allowed actions, but you’ll need to Enable Restrictions with another tap. Enter a passcode (it does not have to be the same as your iOS device passcode, but make sure you remember it) twice, and then the toggle switches will be available to you.

Tap on the toggle for Installing Apps and Deleting Apps, as in the screenshot above. You can also scroll down a bit and turn off In-App Purchases, which any parent with a smurf-berry obsessed child will already have done.

Tap out of the Settings app and check your home screen. Try tapping and holding on any icon to make sure you can’t delete them. Try to hop into the App Store and install an app. If neither of these work, you’re good to go. You can now blithely hand off that iPad to your kiddo in the back seat, feeling safe. Well, at least until they get their grubby little hands on some jelly.

Via: OS X Daily