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ThemeFuse WordPress Theme Bundle [Deals-Ending Soon!]



Oh WordPress, let me count the ways I love you…well I should since I’ve written (and am writing) several books on it. One of the parts of the WordPress ecosystem that I like the most is the theming system. I’ve worked with a lot of CMSes in my time and I still prefer how WordPress manages themes.

Of course there’s a catch, with thousands of free themes and hundreds of premium themes to choose from, where do you start? Or you have a few themes you like to use, but you need something new and different for a new project, where do you start?

Let me give you a hint: The ThemeFuse WordPress Trio – Cult of Mac Deals

Also ending soon is Hydra Pro! Grab it now!

Pick three themes from the 22 from ThemeFuse for $39 (I really like the Writer theme myself) and you’re one step closer to a great WordPress-powered blog or website. Yeah it’s that simple.

If you have your domain, host, and about an hour you’ll have the beginning of a great site. We might not be able to help you with writing content, but we can help you get a great look for your site.

BTW, if you’re stuck for graphics, you might think about the Creative Design Bundle 2 and don’t forget the iStack Bundle which ends today tomorrow! Yeah, the deal was just too good not to give you another day to grab it.