Replug Is A Magnet-Free MagSafe For Headphones


Snap! The Replug will break off in emergencies, leaving your cables safe.


Replug is a gadget that could – if it had existed a few years ago – would have saved me a fortune; literally hundreds of dollars. It is a simple and excellent idea: a magsafe connector for your headphones, only without the magnets.

Starting at just $13, and running up to a bare $20 for a six-foot be-cabled version, the Replug is a basic male-to-female inline adapter which sits between your headphones and the socket on your iPod/iPhone/iPad (or other non-Apple device should you be slumming it). Plug it in and go about your daily life as if nothing had changed: get the bullet-holes filled in the floor of your car’s trunk; take your jacket to the dry cleaner to get that blood stain removed; check that the construction company filled those foundations on schedule – the usual.

Then, when disaster strikes, and your headphone cable gets tangled on some immovable object as you walk, don’t worry: the elastomer casing of the Replug will detach from the metal jack itself, just like the power cable pops out of your MacBook. Once you have gathered your wits, you just push it back in again.

It’s neat, and I am going to order one as soon as I get home. I like that it doesn’t use magnets, as these would likely come unsnapped far too often. I also like that there’s a longer version, either an extension or a jack-to-jack model which could replace the removable cables on some sets of high-end cans. Neat stuff, and available now.

Source: Replug