This iCloud Shaped House Might Be The Ultimate Apple Fantasy [Gallery]



Don’t you just love iCloud and how it seamlessly keeps all of your information synced up, making you feel all warm and light and free? Don’t you just want to marry it, or maybe live inside a nice fluffy iCloud synced world? Maybe not. But now you can, if you move to Melbourne, Australia and buy this gorgeous house that’s shaped like the iCloud logo.

Do you see it? How the structure makes an iCloud shadow there on the pool? Ok, we put that there to help you visiualize it, but seriously, this house looks almost exactly like the iCloud logo, and it’s just as crazy on the inside as the outside.

Designed by McBride Charles Ryan, the Cloud House is an incredible addition to an Edwardian house in Melbourne that looks pretty boring from the front, but evokes some sort of child-like wonder as you journey though the three stages of the house.

Work on the house started before Apple unveiled the iCloud logo, so it’s probably just a beautiful coincidence that it looks inspired by Apple, but still, it’s probably one of the coolest houses an Apple fan could find.



note: we’ve flipped the iCloud logo horizontally for a better perspective




The way the wooden walls seamlessly merge with the floor is probably my favorite part of the house.


The red box is the kitchen and heart of the property


Here’s what the house looks like from the front.  Pretty ordinary.


Via: Design Milk