Kwaga To Breathe New Life Into Boxcar Following Acquisition


Boxcar is still open to new and existing users.
Boxcar is still open to new and existing users.

Earlier this month, we thought Boxcar had given on third-party push notifications for iOS. But it seems that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the service is about to get a new lease of life after being acquired by Kwaga, the company behind

Boxcar was hugely popular when it started up in 2009, because it brought push notifications to a whole host of iOS apps that didn’t already have them. However, now that most iOS support this feature, Boxcar is not longer the must-have app it used to be.

But that could be about to change. The reason why Boxcar went down earlier this month “was primarily related to scaling and growth issues.” Jonathan George, Boxcar’s founder, told Macworld:

Part of this acquisition is absolutely to help Boxcar grow and restore it to 100 percent—and to keep it there.

The company will be taken over by Kwaga, the creator of subscription service, which helps users manage their address book, and the two services will be integrated.

Kwaga CEO Philippe Laval told Macworld that although he’s conscious of a pending “notification overload,” by applying his company’s “attention management technology to notification handling stil [sic] makes sense.”

By way of example, he described a potential service that would “notify you only of important emails, not only based on who sends the email, but also on their actual content.” Laval added that many users were asking for more mobile features, and said that Kwaga will use Boxcar “to build just that.”

Laval also confirmed that the Boxcar service as we know it will continue to run for new and existing users.

Source: Macworld