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Half Shell iPad Case Locks Onto Smart Cover


Never lose your Smart Cover again.


This smart iPad case from Aussies STM Bags is called the Half Shell, so let’s get the TMNT jokes out of the way now. Done? Good. Let’s continue, because this case has an interesting little secret.

The case looks just like any other rear shell, albeit one made of aluminum, but it has one singular function which sets it apart. If you slide the iPad into its protective embrace while the Smart Cover is in mounted, the Half Shell will lock it into place.

Yes, this means you can’t remove the Smart Cover to be used as a screen squeegee, or as a triangular stand to prop up the iPad while reading a book (in portrait format), but it also means that you can pick the iPad up by the cover and otherwise abuse their adequate but weak magnetic relationship.

The other advantage over shell cases with built-in covers is modular-ability, a word I just made up to describe the usefulness of two separate items which can combine to form a third even handier tool. Think of the Transformers banding together to make a giant flying pistol and you’ll get my drift.

Modular-ability. Remember it. It’s going to be big.

The Half Shell, with its softly cosseting micro-suede lining, comes in silver or black. Available now.

Source: STM Bags

Thanks: Yvonne!