Apple Now Reissuing Mountain Lion Redemption Codes


You shouldn't see this error with your new code.
You shouldn't see this error with your new code.

Apple has now begun reissuing OS X Mountain Lion redemption codes to customers eligible for its free up-to-date program. These codes replace those issued to customers earlier today, which had already been redeemed, according to the Mac App Store.

A handful of readers contacted Cult of Mac earlier today to report that the redemption codes they received for Mountain Lion were invalid. The Mac App Store told them they had already been redeemed.

Those who contacted Apple were told that the company was aware of the issue, and that it would be resolved this afternoon. It now appears that those affected are receiving replacement codes, which should work perfectly — fingers crossed!

Source: 9to5Mac

  • premonition2386

    Still waiting on mines.

  • Joe A. Vargas

    Still waiting on mine. Is Apple contacting users via email or what?

  • arel954

    me too, I haven’t even gotten my first code from apple, been waiting for almost 3 hours now for an email

  • azazyl

    Got my bad code. Emailed them about 2 hours ago. Just got an email from a rep. Didn’t say that they were aware of any issues, just stated that they would be reviewing my case and would get back to me within 48 hours.

  • Dusty Craine

    I’m still waiting on my code too. I talked to Apple Support who indicated that their generator was broken so codes had stopped going out. However, I was told I’d get a new code within 24-hours. This latest article from CoM makes me hopeful that I’ll see that new code much sooner. I’m eager to try out Mountain Lion.

  • Scott Greczkowski

    4 hours since submitting the form and I havent received ANYTHING from Apple. I hate waiting!

  • RadTech5000

    I felt out the form this morning for my free upgrade, (new Retina MacBook Pro) but still haven’t gotten a reply. It’s still early in the day so I’m sure it’s just because they are so busy right now let’s see what happens.

  • voidPresencer

    been over 6 hours, nothing; but i’m at work anyway so even if i get in in the next 3 hours i won’t be able to do anything about it

  • Mike Drips

    2:30 Central time and no sign of a replacement code from Apple yet.

  • RyanTV

    Tick tock, tick tock, Apple. Let’s get on this.

  • Tim Krueger

    Applied for my code about 5 minutes after Cult of Mac reported the Up-To-Date links were active.

    I have not received any codes yet.

    I called Apple they said it would be 3 days and if I still don’t have a code after 3 days to call back.

  • djrobsd

    I haven’t gotten my code… I requested it this morning. Maybe they are punishing me for buying my Retina MBP from best Buy.. LOL

  • Mike Drips

    No replacement code yet. Calls to Apple just end up with the basic “we’re working on it”.

  • Jon Rockman

    I just received my replacement code, and it’s wrong too! It’s a code for OS X Server, not OS X 10.8. Emailed Apple support, waiting for a response.

  • Mike Drips

    I also got a new redemption code that is for OS X server, not Mountain Lion! Does anyone at Apple actually TEST software?