Check Whether Your OS X Apps Are Compatible With Mountain Lion


Roaring Apps lists all MoLo compatible apps.


Before you go ahead and upgrade to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, spare a second to check whether or not your favorite and most essential apps actually work with it. Sure, it might be nice to have notifications, a VIP inbox and direct Twitter integration, but it won’t do you much good if your text editor or to-do list app won’t even launch.

Luckily, there’s something you can do about that.

Roaring Apps has been steadily updating its list of OS X apps which play nice with Mountain Lion, just as it did with Lion last year, and just as it does with iOS updates. Pretty much all popular apps are listed, and have an easy-to-read icon next to them telling you the compatibility status at a glance.

For instance, the excellent OmniFocus has a big fat yellow exclamation mark next to it. Clicking on the app name gives more details, and comments threads are useful for learning workarounds.

This site, along with a good (tested) backup of your current installation, should be compulsory before you even go near the Mac App Store for that tempting new OS install.

Source: RoaringApps

  • Eric

    From past experiences, I’ve made it a point to be an upgrade and 2-3 updates behind when it comes to the OS. Now that 10.8 has been released, I will be making my move over to 10.7.x shortly. This way, I know I won’t run into any compatibility issues, and any bugs in 10.8 won’t have any baring on me. While any bugs that I would have been concerned about in 10.7.x would have been addressed already. If some software I wanted to get or upgrade to didn’t require 10.7.x, I’d stick with 10.6.8.