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Create Websites With Your iPhone In Seconds Using Webr


The world's most awesome website, made in minutes.



It’s not exactly hard to make a website these days, but Webr makes it just about as easy as could be. It’s a free iPhone app which lets you create and publish a website in just a couple of minutes, and it’s pretty impressive.

Once you have downloaded the app you are walked through the creation process. No, you don’t have to sit through a tedious tutorial – you run through the actual app, only there are tooltip that pop up and tell you what to do.

Pick a name, add some text of some photos, pick a theme and your done. It’s so simple that it makes setting up a Tumblr look hard. If you don’t already have a Webr account (where the sites are hosted) then you can sign up right there in the app. I made this little gem of a site – Cu*t of Mac – in no time at all, and added a picture of Tom Selleck, a sandwich and a waterfall.

Once done, you can go back and add more pages at any time, create a whole new site and even view analytics (pretty much just visitor numbers right now). The app promises plenty of advanced features to come, but if you want to quickly throw up a photo gallery or a single-serve site, then this is certainly a great way to do it from your iPhone. And best of all, everything is free.

Source: iTunes

Thanks: Erica!