Apple Says Rumors Are Continuing To Affect iPhone And iPad Sales



According to Apple’s CFO Peter Oppenheimer, iPhone and iPad rumors are continuing to affect sales of the devices.

We’re reading the same rumors and speculation about a new iPhone as you are, and we think this has affected sales.

It’s no surprise that consumers are scared away by rumors, after all, details about the new products often get leaked months in advanced, causing consumers to think twice about buying.

According to Tim Cook:

I’m glad that people want the next thing, I’m super happy about that…I’m not going to put any energy into getting people to stop speculating.

This is an interesting quote from Cook, considering that only a few months back, he claimed that Apple was “doubling down” on secrecy. Cook went on to later say that “We try very hard to keep our product roadmaps secret.”

Overall, it’s hard to say if these rumors affect sales long term, or if they only impact the short term, until the rumored products are released.





  • Kuhnaydeein

    Doubling down on security and preventing people from speculating about new products are two completely different things.

  • ptsysger

    How often did Apple pea at their customers? Again and again.
    Bringing new hardware to the market ,hidden before, made many customers furiosly.
    Who was tired of waiting for unannounced Macs and urged to buy actual hardware was suddenly faced with Macs now less valuable or even rendered to scrap.
    Do you remember powerhorses like PowerMac (G5 with dual and quad CPU) not supported any longer?
    Same for earlier Mac Pro now not “eligible” to go to ML. WTH. Bullshit
    Some Mac Pro needs only a minor update (replace the GF7300 with GF8800 or newer).
    Crucial. Making an offer including a decent graphicscard and ML-Update instead would be sufficently.
    Customers need a obligatorily timeline to plan their investments/purchases.

    No sympathize for complains. Apple!
    Sit down, go back to school.

  • John Neumann

    It is not a rumor that the next big thing is coming when you have a regular refresh schedule.

    It is not a secret that Apple will release updated consumer products prior to the holiday season and professional products in the spring. Apple is too large now to spring millions of iGadgets onto store shelves as if by magic.

    And BTW, Wall Street analysts complaining that multi-billions of dollars in profit for a financial quarter is disappointing? Jeebus!