Pro Vs. Air: It’s A Battle Of The MacBooks On The CultCast



On The CultCast, our listeners ask us all the time whether they should go for the Macbook Pro or the Macbook Air. I say be a real Apple fan — get both. But if that’s not an option, we’ll tell you when which model makes more sense than the other, and which Macbook will be right for you on our latest episode.

And then, Faves and Raves! The fun but poorly-named segment where we pitch our favorite apps and gear then vote on which is best.

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  • c_hack

    I love them both. I had a Pro and now own an 11″ and a 13″ Air.

    I love the Air because of the super-fast SSD, and light weight.
    I love the Pro because it is user upgradeable – think more RAM for virtual machines, etc. Also think about replacing the optical drive with a 2nd HD or SSD.

    Both have awesome keyboards, best trackpads in the world, and superb quality. The only reason I sold my Pro is because I needed the money and the resale is excellent – I got 80+% of the purchase price back after 14 months. Did I mention great resale value?

    You can’t go wrong with either. If I had the money I would get one of each.

  • assyrianpride

    I’d prefer the Pro. For what I would use it for, it would be the best of the two all-around.

  • Jeff Briant

    it asked me to sign in to comment and deleted my comment when i signed in… GAY!

    So i pay for my visual voicemail… i wrote a paragraph but screw it. peace.