Petition To Keep Sparrow Email App Alive Pops Up On



As you’ve likely heard, Google recently acquired Sparrow, the popular email app for both the Mac and iPhone. Along with the acquisition, Google made it clear that no further updates or changes would be pushed to the Mac and iPhone, and that the Sparrow team will be merging with the Gmail team.

People never like change, though, and the Google-Sparrow acquisition is no exception. Within just days of the announcement, a petition to keep Sparrow alive has popped up on the web.

The petition, which is hosted on, describes itself as a “plea to Google” to keep Sparrow alive in some form or another in order to set an example for other talent acquisitions.

As stated by the petition:

In this age of fierce competition for the best talent, companies like Google are quickly acquiring passionate entrepreneurs while killing off technology paid for, used, and loved by millions.

Sparrow has a fierce and loyal user base around it that doesn’t want to see the app fade into history without a fight. After all, Sparrow had big plans ahead of it, having announced an iPad app only a few weeks back.

As of this writing, the petition has 68 signatures, and still needs 32 more. You can sign the petition here.

Unfortunately, no matter how many signatures the petition gets, Google obviously still has the last word, and convincing a company of that magnitude to reverse a decision will likely require more than just 100 angry users.

What do you think? Are you sad to see Sparrow go or was the Google acquisition the right way to go?