EA Set To Permanently Remove Rock Band From iOS At The End Of July



If you’ve been debating for the past two years whether or not you should finally commit $4.99 to purchasing Rock Band for iOS, the time to act is now my friend, because soon, your beloved guitar shredding game will be gone from the App Store in all its hair metal glory. Due to an expired license agreement with developer Harmonix, EA has notified users that Rock Band for iOS will be removed from the App Store on July 31st.

Earlier this year, EA sent Rock Band users a notification that their game would no longer be playable on their device after May 31st. EA quickly backpedaled from the notification as many questioned whether EA could technically remove an app from users’ devices remotely, or if that would even be legal.

EA now says that they won’t completely remove access to Rock Band from those who have already purchased the game, but no one will be able to buy it ever again. Users will still be able to play the game on their iOS device, but if they delete the app they will not be able to re-download it from the App Store. Likewise, any previously purchased songs that are not restored to your device by July 31st will be unretrievable.

Source: EA

Via: Ars Technica