Dissection App Lets You Cut Up Virtual Dead Bodies


Budding serial killers can now practice their craft without harming innocent household pets.


“Welcome to the ultimate virtual cadaver dissection experience!” So begins the pitch on McGraw-Hill’s Anatomy & Physiology REVEALED app for the iPad, a teaching app which overlays photos of real dead people onto rendered models of the underlying gristle.

It actually looks like a great teaching tool, although the product page inevitably contains some rather chilling information. For example:

Dissect real cadavers using simple gestures or the app’s precise dissection tool. You can peel away layers and reveal thousands of anatomical structures and even add your own notes and voice recordings.

Imagine peeling back the gums and slicing them clean off to reveal the brittle teeth beneath, or taking a knife to an eyeball and feasting on its exquisite floppily doppilies.

You’ll also get various instructive videos, animations showing you how the various body parts move, along with quizzes, bookmarks and everything the amateur Gunther von Hagens needs to get started (apart from the spooky hat).

The app comes in two versions: the skeleton and muscular system only (around $13), or the whole grisly shebang ($50).

Source: iTunes

Thanks: Emily!