Binder Clip Case For The iPhone Was Probably Inevitable


If you see a stylus, they've failed.



Noteshelf? Evernote? Wacom’s amazing Inkling? Pah! These are all electronic pretenders to the crown of the real portable note-taking king: paper. And with the Binder Clip Case, you can add this noble, non-shareable, non-searchable technology to your iPhone 4/S.

The case is as ingenious as it is pointless. The iPhone slides in as it would to any other plastic case, only on the back you now have a big, sprung metal clip, into which can be inserted a truncated ream of dead treeware. The case comes in horizontal and vertical configurations, although as the former has a clip which covers half its surface, obscuring most of the paper beneath, it should probably be avoided. Not that you should really buy the other one, either.

I kid. This could actually be handy for those who like to dash off a quick note, and it’s certainly a lot quicker to jot something on paper than it is to fire up the phone and launch an app. And the clip, while it does stick out a bit, is at least smooth enough not to snag on a pocket-edge.

The Binder Case is available now, if you’re happy with paying in Japanese Yen and waiting for it to arrive. It’ll cost you ¥1980, or around $25.

Via: The Giz

Source: Strapya World