Developer Survey Shows iOS Surging Ahead Of Android In The Enterprise [Report]


Mobile management is no longer about just device management. App management is now a crucial part of the equation as well.
What's next, Angry Birds: Corporate Edition?

According to a new survey from Appcelerator, a mobile analytics and development company, developers for mobile platforms are moving to the enterprise market. When asked to choose one mobile operating system is best for the enterprise market in this year’s survey, the majority picked iOS (53 percent) over Android (38 percent). This is in marked contrast to last year’s survey, in which the platforms tied at 44 percent.

Appcelerator surveyed 340,000 developers in its own community, with more than 3,600 developers participating in the survey this quarter. Just why are the majority choosing iOS for enterprise apps? According to TechCrunch, the developers feel that the size of the market, as well as the price point of the devices,

Apple’s dramatic push ahead is in part attributed to developers perception about Android. When asked what interests them, developers said the size of the market and the price point of the devices, oddly enough. Perhaps it’s also due to the fact that Apple is beginning to add better security measures, working with mobile device management (MDM) companies to make enterprise management of iPads and other iOS devices safer and more secure from a company’s perspective. The developer survey results show a trend in building apps for this market, with two-thirds of the surveyed developers making apps for business customers, or their own companies.

Apple’s own web pages devoted to corporate use of iOS products, plus the rise of the dreaded Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement, in which employees are expecting to work with their own tablet and smartphone devices, could in fact make the enterprise market an attractive one to developers. According to TechCrunch, there’s also an enterprise associate in all the Apple retail stores, a fact that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Source: TechCrunch

  • gnomehole

    Not really news. Most Android users in my company are the uber tech geeks… but for the most part they are problematic and not secure enough to warrant the time and effort at a point where even iOS is struggling to gain proper IT support.

    And being in the middle of these decisions, lets just say the business wants iPads and iPhones and its the business that drives the developers (as much as IT would like to believe otherwise)

    I see the business shifting back to its old Microsoft ways with the Surface before I see a lot of Android requests.

  • Juan A. Madrigal

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