Here’s What Apple Propoganda Looked Like In The ’90’s [Gallery]



It’s hard to believe that Apple ever faced a time where most consumers thought Macs are underpowered, pricey heaps of junk. But back in 1997 things were not looking  good for Apple and it was hard to convince people that buying a Mac was worth it. The answer? Create a CD full of Apple propaganda that fans can use to convince their friends to buy a Mac.

In 1997 Apple created the MacAdvocate CD-ROM that was free to any Apple fans who requested a copy. Dan Frommer recently unearthed his copy of the 1997 Apple MacAdvocate and found it was full of a funny Apple propoganda and ugly 90’s graphic.

Take a look at how Apple tried to convince people that Macs were cool in the 90’s:

The was the first screen you saw when loading up the MacAdvocate CD-ROM


Apple’s “Dreams” contest gave users the opportunity to film their own 30-sec Apple commercial that could be seen by millions


Apple just bought NeXT when the MacAdvocate CD was released, so they created a document explaining why it was genius of them to do it.


Scientists and Billionaires use our stuff and so should you!











Source: SplatF

  • Heriberto Interiano


  • Alonz

    How to plug another hard drive today:
    Windows: Plug it in, Baby!
    Mac: Well, You can’t. Apple products are perfect the way they are.

  • technochick

    Tho graphics are lame by today’s standard but they were the style back then (thankfully that trend hasn’t come back with leg Warners etc)

  • Matthew Carl Moore

    MG Siegler’s bible?

  • Gixxerthou04

    I worked in an Advertising Agency during the dark years; Mid 1990’s. I acquired this CD-ROM among other Apple media of the era. I’ll have to boot up my old Quadra and take a look at this old CD-ROM again.