Welcome To The New Cult Of Mac Forums! [Announcement]



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As writers at Cult of Mac, we have one of the coolest jobs on the planet. We get to sit at home, in our  underwear, and talk about Apple and new technology all day. It’s an awesome privilege that we truly enjoy, but there’s been something missing on Cult of Mac over the last few years.

We have some amazingly passionate readers that love Apple just as much, or more, than we do. We’re lucky to have readers with great insights on the latest Apple news who are also creative and eager to share. You guys ARE The Cult of Mac, and we haven’t been great at providing a platform for you to gather, interact, and share everything you know and love about Apple. But we’re ready to change all that.

Today, Cult of Mac is proud to announce that we’re launching our new forums and they’re made just for you. A place where Apple fans across the globe can come hangout to meet other Apple fans and share their creative insights into all things Apple.

With the Cult of Mac forums we’re aiming to create the best place on the web where anyone can have their voice heard about Apple. Got an opinion or editorial article brewing about the iPhone 5? Spill your guts all over the forums and educate us on how Apple will make a 4inch screen work. Are you an artist and have some sexy painting of Johnny Ive relaxing on a bearskin rug? Dude, we want to see it in our Creative section. In fact, some of the smartest and most creative content from the forums will be posted on the Cult of Mac homepage with your byline on it.

Even it you don’t even have to have a reason to post, just come over and introduce yourself. These are your forums, and the entire Cult of Mac staff is excited to interact with you everyday.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry over and sign up so we can get to conversatin’. You can click here to go to the forums, or click the big “FORUMS” box at the top of the Cult of Mac homepage. We’ll see you there.


  • Hans Kisaragi

    Looks good. props to the team!

  • johnnyv

    Finally! It’s a great addition.

  • iJamie

    Really like this! Perfect mix of classic forum/social interaction.

  • richdmoore

    Ah, first spam post for the new forum…… Hopefully these spam posts will be kept in check.

  • radie842

    I am glad this forum is up, I check forums often for mac related questions. I also use COM for guidance on up coming purchases!

  • dannywonglh

    I’m glad that we can finally share our thoughts on Apple news/rumors.

  • macberry

    Hi – long time Cult of Mac reader. Love the site. Looking forward to following this forums! I always have lots of questions! lol! :-)

  • Ag0os


  • jasenjones

    Great to be here, love your work, podcast and website. i just cannot get enough tech talk/rumors each day. cult of mac is my main source, but i do get around a bit from site to site on my iPhone day in day out. also just to let you know i love the podcasts, it drives all my friends crazy when they get in my car and i have a cult of mac podcast on. haha love it, they can just suck it up and listen or get out and walk. I fell that in Australia we are so far behind in tech/tech news. it drives me bonkers. but your site keeps me well informed. As i said, great to be here and keep up the FANTASTIC work, cheers Jason, with a very enthusiastic 2 thumbs up.

  • zanegentry

    As often as I look at the site (multiple times daily) the forums are a cup of tea, I’m drinking. Good job.