The FLASHr Case Brings Awesome LED Notifications To iOS [Kickstarter]


The best use of the iPhone's LED flash to date.
The best use of the iPhone's LED flash to date.

Every so often, an iOS accessory maker takes advantage of a little-known or little-used feature to create a really unique product that no one else thought of. The FLASHr from Phaze5 is a Kickstarter project that falls right into that category. It’s an iPhone case that lights up whenever you receive a call, text message, or email — but there are no LEDs built-in. Instead, it uses your iPhone’s flash and the LED alert feature in iOS 5.

You see, the FLASHr contains a unique reflective layer that covers the top and sides of your iPhone, and your Apple logo. With LED alerts activated, every time you receive an alert your LED will flash, the the reflective layer inside the FLASHr comes to life, creating a pulsating green glow.

Check out the FLASHr in action in this video:

Pretty awesome, right? The case is available in all kinds of colors, too, including red, green, blue, yellow, and clear. Furthermore, Phaze5 promises the FLASHr has no impact on your photos.

Of course, the FLASHr requires an iPhone with a flash, so it’s only compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Also, like all Kickstarter projects, FLASHr needs your backing to enter production. Phaze5 are looking for pledges of $1 or more, with $30 guaranteeing you a case as soon as they begin shipping. Get in early and you’ll qualify for the “early bird special,” which allows you to choose your own custom color combination.

Source: Kickstarter