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iFit Outside, A Slick Exercise And Calorie-Tracking App


Keep fit, without all the interface fat.


IFit may be a familiar name to those who weigh less than 200 pounds. Found in many fitness machines, the iFit service lets you plan a training regime via the web, and then carry it out down at the gym.

Now, iFit has released an iPhone app so you can continue training outdoors instead of holed up in that sweathole you pay $100 per month to use.

There are of course a gazillion GPS-enabled exercise tracking apps out there. I use the full-featured but interfacially-challenged Cyclemeter, pixel-doubled on my iPad to track bike rides, and there are plenty of other top-notch apps from which to choose.

But iFit Outside – as it’s called – is a sleek app and is likely essential if you use the iFit network already. And along with tracking you, live, on a Google map and playing your music as you run/walk/ride it has a couple of neat extra tricks.

One is the “Cadencemeter,” a fancy name for a runners’ metronome which ticks aways at 180 beats per minute underneath your music. This, the blurb says, is the optimum cadence for runners of all shapes and sizes. I like this Solomonic approach to cadence: instead of using fancy meters to measure your soft human variations, it just forces you to use the right one. Clever.

The other part is the calorie tracker. Yes, there are also roughly one bazillion of these in the App Store too, but this has the advantage of being embedded in the same app (if you care, I use the horribly-titled My Fitness Pal for iPad: it syncs with FitBit and is the only app I tried which has real food from outside the US in its database).

Finally, it looks good. A simple, clean interface and some pretty-looking progress graphs will make you want to use it. Better still is the price. iFit Outside is just $2. Available now.

Source: iFit

Thanks: Craig!