Helo Tablet Strap Lets Desk Jockeys Use The iPad One-Handed


Lame-looking, but probably pretty handy.



The Tablet Strap is exactly the kind of corporate-dorkwear iPad accessory I used to poke fun at. Now, though, having used an iPad since the first one launched all those moons ago, it’s the kind of iPad accessory I want to buy. Or I would, if it didn’t have that hideous pleather-look finish.

My favorite ever iPad case was Skech’s Porter, and one of the reasons was the built-in palm strap which makes one-handed use a breeze. The iPad is many things, but easy-to-hold isn’t one of them, especially when sketching, typing-whilst-standing or even just taking photos.

The Tablet Strap, a new take on an old idea, is a diagonal strap that works with any case, or with a naked iPad, thanks to its two adjustable corner-slings. These hold the strap in place so you can slip your hand inside the rotating palm-grip and hold the tablet as if you were Spiderman. Spiderman in a nylon suit, maybe, but Spiderman nonetheless.

From here, you can swivel the iPad into any orientation for easy use. Yes, it might look like it came out of the same factory that made nylon-and-rubber laptop bags back in the 1990s, but as a practical solution for those who lack style, it looks to be ideal.

The Tablet Strap is in fact fashioned from real dead cow skins, and as such commands the premium price attached to such animal derivatives: the kit costs $60, which is a bargain or a rip-off, depending on your point of view. Me? I have been inspired to take on a DIY project involving old bike inner tubes and/or dead iPad cases which I have reviewed too hard. If I’m successful, expect a how-to post soon.

Source: HELO

Thanks: Allison!

  • ddevito

  • ddevito

    Or just wait for the iPad Mini. Or buy a Nexus 7. either way you won’t look like a doofus like you will using this contraption.