iGills, An iPhone Case For Divers


Dive! Dive! Dive!


IGills is another waterproof iPhone case, but this one is a little more waterproof than the rest. It’s billed as a “smart diving system” which replaces $1,000s worth of specialist gear, and that’s not far off the mark.

Any diver who doesn’t want to die probably won’t be replacing his reliable divers’ watch with this, but he can replace a camera, and take advantage of in-depth (sorry) tracking software in the form of a companion app, and enjoy a bunch of other neat and handy features.

The $330 case is waterproof down to 130 feet, or around 40 meters, and has an optical glass window for the camera and a bunch of glove-friendly buttons to activate the built-in depth meter, the phone’s flashlight and other app functions (the case has a 30-pin dock connector inside).

Because all I know about diving is that its really scary, I’ll paste the feature list right here:

iGills includes ascent rate indication, nitrogen loading tracking over multiple dives, low time and depth alarms, altitude compensation, and more.

The app also uses the iPhone’s compass, and will grab your coordinates via GPS before you go under, and then build a dive report based on what you do. It’s a little like a cycling or running tracker app, only for the vasty deeps.

No, it isn’t cheap, but who cares? If it means you can play Angry Birds while you sit for hours chuggin on your rebreather and waiting for the nitrogen to percolate back out of your blood so it doesn’t boil when you surface, it’s worth any amount of money. Available “soon.”

Source: iGills

Thanks: Matt!