Tweetbot For Mac Alpha Updated With Notifications, New Shortcuts, Bug Fixes


Screen Shot 2012-07-22 at 4.42.57 PM

When Tapbots finally released its highly-anticpated Tweetbot Twitter client on the Mac, the software was labeled as a free Alpha. This means that the developers are continuing to add major new features and bug fixes leading up to the official 1.0 release in the Mac App Store. In fact, users are warned before downloading that there could be major bugs, and all Alpha testers are encouraged to submit bug reports to Tapbots.

Over the weekend, the first update was released for the Tweetbot for Mac Alpha, and the update packs several new features and improvements.

Here are the changes in the Tweetbot Alpha 2 (version 0.6.1) update:

  • Notifications for mentions, follows, retweets, favorites (10.8 only)
  • Go to User (command-u)
  • Option to open links in background (see preferences)
  • Less intrusive tweet action overlay icons
  • Double-click tweets in timeline now takes you to status detail
  • Fixed some contextual menu issues in direct message conversations
  • Fixed pull-to-refresh and scrolling to top issue when loading new results
  • Tweetmarker will now set your timeline position on app startup always
  • Fixed bugs and crashers related to composing tweets.
  • Made large and huge fonts bigger
  • Can swipe the empty space in a conversation to go back to previous view
  • Can close image window with command-w (also space and esc)
  • Menu shortcuts added to profile view: Command-d (direct message) and command-r (reply)

Notifications only work when the app is running, and you need to be running OS X Mountain Lion (currently in the final developer GM stage) so the app can integrate with Notification Center. Although Tweetbot for Mac can currently use Tweet Marker to sync Twitter timelines between devices, iCloud can’t be integrated until the app goes on sale in the Mac App Store. So, unfortunately, Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad won’t yet sync via iCloud with the Mac Alpha.

Hit up Tweetbot for Mac’s “Check For Updates” option to grab the new update. The free app can also be downloaded from the Tapbots website.