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Dutch GPS Company Says iPhone SDK is Due This Week



Apple’s teaser for tomorrow morning’s event was pretty explicit about the impending launch of the iPhone SDK, but some skeptics still remain. The ability to legitimately install additional software on the iPhone and iPod touch is the #1 request for Apple’s mobile platform, and we’ve been wrong before, but things look more and more like it will really happen.

Besides Apple releasing an image with the word “SDK” on it last week, GyPSii, a Dutch company that makes geo-location and real-world friend-finder software for cell phones, has announced that it will develop a version of its program for the iPhone. The more interesting part is this comment from the CEO:

Apple’s Software Developer Kit (SDK) which is scheduled to be launched later this week, providing seamless access for all Apple users, from the desktop, to the iPhone.

I think this is pretty much a done deal. I don’t think Apple will announce and then not ship the SDK. I think it will be available tomorrow, and there will be a bunch of high-profile apps waiting in the wings, including Lotus, and, the good lord willing, MS Exchange support. Those are the two ingredients holding iPhone back from mass corporate adoption. Fix that, and this will really explode.  

iPhone SDK This Week? So Says GyPSii – GigaOM

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