Why Santa Will Bring Mini iPads to Kids This Year



But only the nice kids. The naughty ones will get a T-Mobile Springboard.

One month before Apple shipped its first touch tablet, I predicted that the iPad would become the “Children’s Toy of the Year.”


That column was somewhat controversial, because people were viewing the iPad as a high-end luxury item for technology fans, not a toy for children.


It turns out that the iPad was a combination of the two: It became the “toy” of choice for the children of technology fans who buy high-end luxury items.


iPads for children became a surprisingly huge phenomenon, which toy companies and others jumping on board with apps galore. Still, the majority of American children don’t have iPads, or even have access to iPads. The upcoming mini iPad will change that.


Here’s why small touch tablets will finish what the iPad started, and become as much a part of kids culture as Barbie and Lego.

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  • technochick

    The whole premise of this article is based on assuming there will be a mini iPad to give. There might not. It wouldn’t be the first time folks were wrong about an iPad release

  • iPadbasics

    I really hope this happens. Children need to stay updated on technology just like adults. Matter of fact, they know more about technology than most adults.