Homemade IPod Nano Cases — The Mega Roundup



There aren’t a lot of protective cases for the iPod nano in stores just yet. So here are some options for building your own. There’s a range of materials to choose from: gum wrappers, pleather or paper — whatever tickles your fancy.

Sneakmove.com recommends an old packet of gum, which acts as “urban camo,” hiding the highly-desirable nano from the stares of scumbags on the bus.

“A packet of eclipse gum is nearly the perfect size–one less piece of packaging clogging up a landfill, and no one will know what you’ve really got in your pocket,” the site says.

No mention of what to do with the white headphones though. Here’s the downloadable template.

handsewn nano case

Someone called Atonomie stitched together this pleather case, which could be designed using the template above …


… or the handy iWrap Generator, a dynamic website for generating case templates for every kind of iPod, as well as several cell phones, CD cases and Ziggarettenschachtel — oh yeah, it’s in German. Here’s a translation.

leather nano case

Another pleather case (also German), easily stitched in 30 minutes or less for less than $3.

“You can still sync while in case, even the clickwheel can be still usabel if your leather is not to thick,” the site says.

Here’s a chamois version.


Finally, DecalGirl.com sells a range of “precision-engineered” stick-on skins for the nano, but also offers some templates so you can print your own (which won’t be precision-engineered).

4x6 template

Quick Update: Breaking news! TheNanaoMods.com has tweaked Sneakmove.com’s template so it works on 4? photo printers.

6 responses to “Homemade IPod Nano Cases — The Mega Roundup”

  1. Stefan Engeseth says:

    Really cool iPod, things but how about a new iPod model with a perpetual battery?

  2. Jordan Hosier says:

    That idea is brilliant

  3. Saiyajin18 says:

    The slim box from Chiclets gum fits the nano so perfectly, I think someone at apple may have been passing out gum to his colleagues when he thought, “hey, we should make an iPod this size.” An Altoids tin also makes a great protective case.