Apple Appeals To U.K. Court: Don’t Make Us Advertise For Samsung!


Samsung claims Apple wasn't willing to settle out of court.
Samsung claims Apple wasn't willing to settle out of court.

A U.K. judge recently ruled that Apple has to pay for advertisements on its website and in British newspapers saying that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab doesn’t actually copy the design of the iPad. The order was given after the same judge ruled that Samsung didn’t infringe on Apple’s designs, noting that the Galaxy Tab wasn’t “cool enough” to be confused with the iPad. Ouch.

Apple advertise for one of its main competitors? Never! The Cupertino-based company has motioned to appeal the U.K. court’s ruling.

MacNN reports:

Should the original ruling survive the appeal, Apple might be forced to pay for advertising in several UK newspapers as well as on its own website advising the public that Samsung’s tablet does not infringe on Apple’s designs. Thus far Apple’s appeal covers grounds relating to the original claims of Samsung copying the design, but Apple would be within its rights to challenge the “penalty” Judge Birss imposed as unnecessarily punitive and an example of judicial overreach. Neither Apple nor the judges in any other previous or ongoing Apple-Samsung disputes has suggested a similar penalty for Samsung when it has lost.

Can you imagine Apple actually promoting a company like Samsung in any shape or form? I can’t either. It’s unclear if Apple will win the appeal, but rest assured that its lawyers won’t take this ruling sitting down.

Meanwhile, Apple has been granted an injunction that bans the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the United States. A U.S. appeals court just denied Samsung’s second attempt to get the ban lifted, and it looks like Samsung will have to design a workaround to keep from infringing on the design patent Apple is using to fight the case.

Source: MacNN


  • David Edwards

    I don’t think this judge likes Apple very much, because this ruling is not reasonable. If the appeal gets denied I would be surprised if Apple does advertise for Samsung. I think they are more likely to halt all sales and shipments into the UK until this is changed. With the cash Apple has in the bank, I think they are going to do what the want. And halting UK sales and shipments won’t put a dent it Apple’s cash.

    Apples going to do what they want, when they want. They will do everything not to advertise for Samsung in any country!~

  • dcj001

    So, what is the problem?

    Here is how the ad should read:

  • FilthyMacNasty

    This is a perfect example of how some judges “get creative,” and impose all sorts of ridiculous mandates on parties seeking fairness from the court.

    The wording in the ruling about the Galaxy Tab being “not cool enough” demonstrates an obvious attempt on the part of this judge to grab attention.

    Enjoy your press clippings while you can, me lord, before someone takes notice that you’re whacked.

  • CGJack

    I see nothing wrong with this sentence, to be honest. It’s a bit like getting a naughty kid to stand in front of assembly and apologise to the whole school.

    As though they weren’t going to appeal… Apple just needs to stop all sales in the UK until he’s forced out of his position or until he gets it in his head that he’s completely wrong.

    Right, because Apple would do that.


    Agree with the other commenter who suggests Apple should pull out of the UK. But they should do more than that. They should advertise the name of the judge all over the place, telling users if they want Apple merchandise, they should visit their friendly judge about that.

  • Nick Hansen

    Couldn’t Apple just add “not copied by samsung” to the fine-print of UK iPad ads?

  • sky123e

    HEHE finally there’s a judge who knows what to do