Keyboard Supernova: An Exploded View Of The Apple Wireless Keyboard



This photograph by Reddit user Sean Petykowski is absolutely beautiful, and a lovely reminder of the extraordinary, almost crystalline complexity that makes up even Apple’s simpler products, like this Apple Wireless Keyboard.

The photograph — which looks like a gadget supernova — isn’t just one shot, but a composite of fifteen separate images. Petykowski says that the dissassembly process involved removing all the keys off one-by-one, then popping the keyboard in the oven until the glue dissolved, at which point the rest of the keyboard could be pried apart.

From there, Petykowski says, it was as simple as importing the images into Adobe Lightroom, correcting for white balance and lens distortion, then compositing them all in PhotoShop. You can read more about how Sean made the image in the Reddit comments here.

I’d love to see a series of ‘exploded’ view images of Apple products like this, wouldn’t you?

Source: Reddit