Apple Brings iTunes Match To Hungary And Poland


iTunes Match expands its reach across Europe.
iTunes Match expands its reach across Europe.

iTunes Match has expanded its reach in Europe today as Apple brings the music matching service to Hungary and Poland more than 18 months after it made its debut in the United States. The Cupertino company is yet to add these countries to its iTunes Match availability page, but users report that the service is now appearing in iTunes.

Mirroring the pricing across Europe, iTunes Match will cost users in Hungary and Poland €25 per year, which isn’t a bad price to pay to send your music library to the cloud, and to have all your tracks upgraded to high-quality 256Kbps DRM-free AAC files.

And with iOS 6, you can finally stream those tracks to your iOS devices. This means you don’t have to store them locally, and you can save that previous storage space.

What’s most notable about this rollout is that it leaves Denmark as the only one of over 60 countries with access to the iTunes Store without access to iTunes Match.

Source: 9to5Mac