9 Ways To Get Your Batman Fix On Your iPad Before Watching ‘The Dark Knight Rises’



The Dark Knight Rises is like the most anticipated movie of the year. People are going straight up loco for this movie. Is Batman going to die? Is Bane really just Ricky Martin’s alter-ego? Will Michael Keaton make a cameo? We don’t know, we haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re as excited we are though, then you’re probably trying to gorge on as much Batman stuff as humanly possible right now. Don’t worry, we got you covered and put together this little guide on all the ways you can use your iPad to get your Batman fix while waiting for the movie to finally hit theaters.


Listen to the Soundtrack

Hans Zimmer produces some mean beats beautiful orchestra compositions. The guy is a true master and has composed music for like 100 films – literally. Lion King, Gladiator, Inception, The Last Samurai, The Preacher’s Wife – all him. He scored The Dark Knight Rises too and it’s a great soundtrack that you can buy for $13.99 on iTunes, or you can just stream if for free on Spotify or Rdio.

Read the Comics

DC released “Batman: Earth One” today on the iBookStore and says it’s the first of many comics they’re planning to release via iBooks. You can read a lot more Batman comic books in the DC Comics app. Some are even free.


Become A Villain

TDKR: Gotham City’s Most Wanted  transforms iOS users into one of the characters from the new movie (kinda like PhotoBooth). Transform your pretty little face into a horrible monstrosity like Bane, or you can keep looking hot like Selina Kyle or Batman himself and post it on Facebook.


Re-Watch The First Two

Christopher Nolan likes to take his sweet time between filming each Batman movie, which is fine, but my memory is leaky and needs to be refreshed. You can rent both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight for $3 each from iTunes and be fully primed for the last movie in the trilogy come Friday night.


Kick Some Ass

There are a couple iOS games featuring the Dark Knight. The best one is Batman: Arkham City Lockdown, which is kind of like Infinity Blade, only you beat up on Gotham City’s worst villains. There’s also LEGO Batman and rumors are floating around that a new iOS Batman game that will launch on July 20th.


Make Your Own Batman Movie

LEGO Movie is an incredibly easy to use stop-motion movie maker tool that pretty much anyone could use. While waiting in line, you and your friends could grab your Batman LEGOs and film an alternate ending to ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’


Find Clues In The Trailers

Is Batman going to die at the end of this movie? I dunno, don’t spoil it for me, bro. But if you’re the type that likes to know what you’re getting yourself into you can probably find some serious clues in the trailers if you watch them again. Apple’s Trailers app has four of the official trailers available to view along with an image gallery.


Explore A 3-D Map Of Gotham

Nokia Maps put together a 3-D rendering of Gotham City. Just go to this website and you can check out Wayne Tower, Arkham Asylum, City Hall, Gotham City Stadium and other locations from the film. You’ll need a Flash supported browser like SkyFire to run the web app on your iPad, or you can just view it online.


And if all else fails and you still can’t get into the Batman mood…

Listen To Some R. Kelly

  • Jonathan Ober

    You’ll beed a 10th as there is a new Batman Dark Knight Rises movie tie-in game due out today – well 10 minutes on the East Coast…

    Also shouldn’t the folder be called – I’m Batman as you never really here the ‘Am’ part…can only remember Tony Stark saying ‘I am Ironman’ but I guess that isn’t a big big deal :)