Add Audio And Remember More With Every Photo With Phonogram [iOS Tips]



I use my iPhone camera to keep track of a lot of things. When I’m in the bookstore, I take photos of books I want to buy, or show friends. I take pics of meals to track what and how much I eat, and I take photos of my kids and pets as often as possible.

I don’t take video that often, though it has been known to happen. However, I can really see the utility in having some sort of audio recording capability along with my photo taking – sort of a quasi-video thing – and Phonogram does just that.

Phonogram is a universal app available in the App Store for $0.99, and it allows you to grab photos along with an audio recording at the same time. Imagine taking a picture of an ancestral home and recording a voice-over commentary, or taking a picture on a lonely subway platform with accompanying lonely nighttime sounds. A picture of a cactus in the desert with plaintive coyote howls in the background? Maybe something more mundane, like taking a picture of a person you meet at a party, and having them say their name. What a great way to remember people.

In addition to the basic features, Phonogram also allows you to connect to a community of other Phonogram users, à la Instagram or Facebook Camera. You can scroll through other people’s photos and play the embedded sounds at the same time. I can imagine all sorts of artsy new uses for this tech.

When you launch Phonogram, you’ll be able to hit the camera button in the app and take a photo. The audio will be recorded automatically, though it’s tough to tell when it starts and stops recording. Once taken, you can apply one of five filters, preview the audio, and save the file to Phonogram. Once saved, you can View, Delete, or Share to Facebook, Twitter, Email, or other Phonogram users.

Source: App Store