Small Businesses Aren’t Getting The iOS/Mobile Solutions They Need


Small businesses are jumping on the iOS/mobile bandwagon but aren't getting the apps/services that they need to succeed.
Small businesses are jumping on the iOS/mobile bandwagon but aren't getting the apps/services that they need to succeed.

According to a new study, mobile technologies like the iPhone and iPad aren’t delivering all the applications and features that most small businesses feel they need to succeed. The issue is less with Apple (or Google or RIM) and more with the developers and technology partners that create and market solutions tailored to the somewhat unique needs of the small business market.

The study was performed by Techaisle, a research firm that specializes in the small to mid-size business (SMB) market. It looked at whether small businesses felt that they were getting adequate options and support from cloud and mobile technology vendors. It found that across several areas, mobile technology solutions are failing to provide needed capabilities.

For mobile technologies, the study looked less at individual platforms, specific devices, or even specific apps. Instead it focused on more general categories of technologies. In almost every mobile tech category, Techaisle found that the demand for tools and services outstripped the available vendors and solutions. The biggest gaps being in areas like mobile productivity and office suites, time and expense management tools, social marketing, and logistics.

Small business demand is outstripping solutions across virtually all mobile categories.

When it comes to cloud solutions available to small business, available options met a much larger set of needs or demands, but there were still some key areas, like cloud security, where that wasn’t the case.

Overall, however, it seems that industry integration is the biggest unmet need for small business when it comes to cloud technologies. Such specific and vertical integration actually goes beyond most large cloud providers can offer because the needs are so industry-specific by nature. This has the effect of making niche solutions in specific fields better options than large and more traditional vendors.

Techaisle does note that when it comes to both cloud and mobile technologies for small businesses, there is a growing selection of small, flexible, and niche companies that are managing to provide needed services. This is particularly true in when it comes to mobile solutions and mobile management. The challenge, according to Techaisle, is that because these aren’t large IT vendors, many small business may not be aware of or able to connect with the companies that produce them.

Source: Techaisle

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  • Floris

    Sorry, but in a way that is nonsense. There are many thousands of iOS developers that have proven themselves and offering their services for any company that needs custom solutions. If you’re not willing to pay for the development, you’re not going to get the solutions YOU need.

  • TylerHoj

    Perhaps the tools are already available and these small business’ in question are just having a hard time finding the solutions they need. I run a small business. Everything from inventory data sheets, proposals, receipts, credit card transactions and web site content creation can be done exclusively on the iPad in a suite of less than five apps. I’m seeing growth in my small business solely due to the simplify put in place by iOS. What need isn’t being met?